Our Story

North Peak Property Group is a subsidiary company of North Peak Investments, an investment firm started by partners Jeff Wallenius, CEO and Grant Diggles, President. Tired of “the grind”, Jeff and Grant set out to create independent wealth through a variety of real estate and other investment opportunities in an effort to transition themselves from the “work harder” to the “work smarter” paradigm. Originally working independently of each other, Jeff (Firefighter) and Grant (owner of a medical company) met while watching their son’s lacrosse team play. What started as a friendly conversation on a high school lacrosse field eventually expanded into a partnership, combining Jeff’s knowledge of real estate with Grant’s knowledge of media and marketing.

While actively pursuing real estate opportunities together, Jeff and Grant also saw a need in the market to help others understand real estate investing from a simpler point of view. Their belief in the viability of Turnkey Real Estate Investing for individuals who wanted to be involved without getting buried in the real estate investing minutia motivated them to start building relationships with individuals and organizations who were likeminded. The result? The beginning of North Peak Investments and North Peak Property Group. North Peak quickly created positive relationships with quality Developers nationwide, opening up major city markets within a matter of months. Why? Their discovery process revealed that, although Developers were excellent at finding, rehabbing and managing top-tier investment properties, they lacked the panache in promoting their investment properties, or had the time necessary to thoroughly educate investors on the Turnkey Real Estate Investing process. North Peak Turnkey was created to step in and fill this gap. In addition to this, North Peak Property Group was born out of a passion for local real estate. Partnering with Principal Broker, Shauna Dingman, North Peak founded the North Peak Property Group office in Tualatin OR to offer boutique style real estate services to the Portland market.

Meet the Team